Hi, I'm Jacob

a graphic designer

Mission Peak Hiking Apparel - January 2016

Made in Adobe Illustrator CC

Mission Peak is a company I created while trying out some new minimalist design ideas. I also challenged myself to make a logo that not only looked like the "M" in Mission Peak but also like a mountain range.

Trojan Warrior Sports Logo - March 2016

Made in Adobe Illustrator CC

This logo was inspired by the SAIT home team the Trojans. I made this nearing the end of my time at SAIT and pushed myself to create something using techniques I had not used since early in my schooling.

Snowball Winter Brew - February 2016

Made in Adobe Illustrator CC

I designed this logo after taking some time to speak with Alberta Beer Festivals who gave me some great insight into my work and motivated me to try out some design choices and styles I never saw myself using.

"Trees" Poster - January 2016

Made in Adobe Illustrator CC and Adobe Photoshop CC

The "trees" poster was made around the same time as the Mission Peak logo and was also a project I gave myself to work with minimalistic design choices. It helped me to learn how to better work with space and treat something as if it is inside an environment and not just another layer on a page.

British Columbia Sasquatch Tours - January 2016

Made in Adobe Illustrator CC

BC Sasquatch Tours was a logo I made as an exercise and mostly a joke to begin with but after spending some time on it I wanted to take it a little further and create a handout or pamphlet that could have gone inside an office or at a booth.

Jacob Van Dyke - jacob.vandyke@edu.sait.ca